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Safety Alert for Chinese Nationals in Belgium
2020-07-11 03:07

The Belgian State Security Service recently issued its annual report proclaiming that Chinese inter-college and research exchanges and cooperation with Belgium pose security threats to the country. The report, groundlessly insinuating involvement of Chinese overseas students and researchers, has been sensationalized by some local media to the detriment of the image and reputation of Chinese nationals in Belgium. The Embassy of China in Belgium reminds Chinese nationals in Belgium to stay on the alert and pay attention to your personal safety. In the event of encountering any discriminatory remarks or treatment, you may contact the Embassy of China in Belgium, and protect your legitimate rights and interests through legal means while ensuring your own safety.

Global consular protection and services emergency hotline (available 24 hours): +86-10-12308/ +86-10-59913991

Consular protection and assistance of the Embassy of China in Belgium: +32-27632006

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