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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Comment on the Framework Draft Resolution Distributed by the "Group of Four" on the Reform of the Security Council
2005-05-18 00:00

Q: Today the "Group of Four" made up of Japan and three other countries distributed among some countries a frame-work draft resolution on the reform of the UN Security Council. What's China's position?

A: China has always been supportive of the reform of the UN Security Council. We maintain that the reform of the Security Council should help to enhance its authority and efficiency, to give priority to increasing the representation of developing countries and to ensure more opportunities for the small and medium-sized countries to participate in the decision-making process of the Security Council. The reform should also follow the principle of geographical balance and take into consideration the representation of different cultures and civilizations. The reform of the Council bears on the future of the UN and the immediate interests of every country. Decisions should be made through democratic and thorough discussion and on the basis of consensus.

We have taken note of the draft resolution of the "Group of Four". A tentative review has shown a big gap between the core content of the draft resolution and the positions of many countries. When the parties concerned are still sharply divided on the specific reform proposals, a hasty submission of the draft will only intensify contradictions and undermine the process of the UN reform.

The Chinese side hopes that all parties will proceed from the overall and long-term interests of the UN and the vast number of its member states and conduct extensive and in-depth consultations in line with the spirit and provisions of the UN Charter, so as to reach a consensus.

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