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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Remarks on the Submission of the Report on Tibet Negotiations by the US Administration
2005-04-26 00:00

Q: Recently, according to the relevant requirements on domestic legislation, the US administration submitted to the Congress the Third Report on Tibet Negotiations. The report reiterated the hope for early substantive dialogue between the Chinese Government and Dalai Lama. What is the comment of the Chinese side?

A: Tibet is part of China and Tibetan affairs are purely China's internal affairs. The US side submitted the so-called Report on Tibet Negotiations based on its domestic legislation pointing their fingers on Tibet affairs in disregard of the facts, which is against the basic norms of international relations, against the principles set forth in the three Sino-US Joint Communiqu├ęs and constitutes interference in China's internal affairs. This is what China is firmly opposed.

The policy of the Chinese central government to Dalai Lama is clear-cut. We can contact and we can negotiate as long as Dalai Lama truly renounces his proposal for "Tibet Independence",stops secessionist activities against the motherland, makes public statement that Tibet is an indivisible part of China, and admits Taiwan an inseparable part of China.

We demand that the US side respect the fact, stick to its repeated commitment that Tibet is a part of China, that he does not support "Tibet Independence" and stops interfering in China's internal affairs in the name of "Tibet Question".

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