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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Fang Guoqing's Remarks on Yunnan Earthquake
2014-08-07 23:07

On August 6, 2014, Mr. Fang Guoqing, spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Belgium gave interview to “Capital News” among other local media about the recent earthquake in China’s Yunnan province.

Q: Would you brief us on the current situation in the quake-stricken area, including casualties?

A: According to China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC), a 6.5-magnitude earthquake jolted Ludian County of Zhaotong City in southwest China's Yunnan Province at 4:30 p.m. on August 3rd, 2014.

Yunnan provincial civil affairs authorities report that up to 7:00 on August 5, the earthquake has affected Ludian County, Qiaojia County, Zhaoyang District and Yongshan County of Zhaotong City, and Huize County of Qujing City. Altogether 398 people were killed, 3 people went missing, 1892 people were injured, and 229,700 people were evacuated. About 25,500 homes and 79,800 buildings were toppled, 39,200 homes and 124,000 buildings were severely damaged, 151,200 homes and 466,100 buildings were weakened. In addition, the earthquake also caused loss to Weining Yi Hui and Miao Autonomous County of Bijie City, Guizhou Province. About 15,000 people were affected, and over 7200 people were evacuated. More than 700 homes and 1,500 buildings were severely damaged, more than 2,800 homes and 7,000 buildings were weakened. Further investigation will be carried out to assess damage and losses.

Q: What relief measures has the Chinese government taken since the earthquake?

A: After the earthquake, the CPC Central Committee and State Council responded quickly. General Secretary Xi Jinping immediately gave instruction, calling for saving people's lives first, reducing casualties and making proper resettlement. In the morning of August 4, Premier Li Keqiang led a working group to inspect the disaster stricken areas, and oversee relief efforts.

So far, a total of 7185 army troops, armed police and militia forces have been dispatched to the affected areas. The central government has allocated an emergency relief fund of 600 million yuan to Yunnan. National Health and Family Planning Commission has set to sent three national medical teams and 23 experts of medical care, disease prevention and mental health care to the afflicted areas in earliest hour possible. Military health authorities have also sent medical rescue and epidemic prevention teams. Transportation Department has set up a leading group to ensure the smooth and safe transport. Environment authorities have exerted efforts to ensure access of clean water. Ministry of Civil Affairs has sent to Yunnan 33,460 tents, 10,000 quilts, 60,000 winter jackets, 10,000 folding beds, 5,000 sets of folding tables-and-chairs and 50 portable toilets. Yunnan provincial civil affairs authorities will be guided by central government to ensure efficient allocation and delivery of relief materials.

Q: What kind of relief supplies are needed in the affected areas? Are there any channels if Belgian friends or Chinese nationals in Belgium wish to make donation?

A: After Yunnan earthquake happened, a number of Belgian friends have expressed condolences to the Chinese government and people via the embassy. Quite a few Chinese nationals have inquired about donation matters, to which we are deeply grateful. If Belgian friends and Chinese nationals wish to make donation, they may refer to the following information.

According to Ministry of Civil Affairs, following materials are needed in the quake-stricken areas:

1, tents of 15 square meters;

2, blankets;

3, small electric generators;

4, lighting equipment (non-small).

For donation of items above, please contact Chinese Embassy in Belgium (Tel: 0032-476751182).

For donation of money, please contact Chinese Embassy in Belgium,

You may also directly remit to the account of Civil Affairs Ministry:

RMB donation account: 0200000729200006882

Account Name: Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Wangfujing Golden Street Branch

Other currency donation account: 00100252328091014

Account Name: Ministry of Civil Affairs

Bank Name: Bank of China Head Office, Banking Department

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ

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