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Notice on New HDC QR Code Application Requirements for China-bound Foreign Passengers
2022-11-15 01:21

As from 14 November 2022, the Embassy of China in Belgium (hereinafter referred to as “the Embassy”) will adopt new HDC QR code application requirements for China-bound foreign passengers as follows:

I.Passengers departing from Belgium and taking a direct flight from Belgium to China must take one RT-PCR test and the sampling time should be within 48 hours before boarding. Passengers may choose any legal testing institution in Belgium for RT-PCR test. Passengers with negative PCR test result may apply for HDC QR code from the Embassy by uploading following documents:

1.Photocopy of passport or valid travel document;

2.Negative RT-PCR test report;

3.Itinerary (flight ticket);

4.Valid Chinese visa or residence permit, with the exception of visa-free entry;

II.China-bound passengers departing from Belgium and transiting via a third country, or departing from a third country and transiting via Belgium, may choose to take the RT-PCR test either in the country of departure or in the country of transit. The sampling time should be within 48 hours before the boarding time of the direct flight to China. Passengers must apply for HDC QR code from the embassy or the consulate general in the specific country where the RT-PCR test is performed. Passengers should present the valid HDC QR code while boarding the direct flight to China.

III.The above-mentioned new requirements also apply to passengers previously infected, close contacts or passengers with suspected symptoms, and there is no more special requirement for passengers that fall into the aforementioned three categories.


1.The RT-PCR test report must contain: the testing method of RT-PCR, the sampling method of nasopharyngeal swab, the result (negative or positive), the sampling time (accurate to the minute), personal information (name, date of birth, passport number, etc.), and the testing institution information (name, address, contact, signature or stamp, etc.)

2.Where to Apply

Please visit https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ by computer or phone to apply. Passengers may also scan the QR code below to access the website.

3.The Embassy will process the applications from 09H00 to 21H00 everyday (including on weekend and on holidays). It is highly recommended that passengers submit HDC QR code application as soon as possible after obtaining the negative test report.

       Embassy of China in Belgium

            14th Nov. 2022

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