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Notice on HDC QR Code Application Requirements During the Suspension of Direct Flight from Belgium to China
2022-06-25 18:21

According to the Notice of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, HU492, the direct flight from Belgium to China operated by Hainan Airlines, has triggered the circuit-breaker order and will be suspended for 2 weeks starting from 27 June until further notice. Travellers are advised to follow closely flight adjustments, communicate and consult with airlines and travel agencies in advance, and make proper itinerary arrangements to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

During the suspension of HU492, there will be no direct flight from Belgium to China. China-bound passengers need to transit via a third country. The application requirements of HDC QR Code are hereby notified as follows:

Ⅰ. China-bound passengers departing from Belgium and transiting via a third country shall take double RT-PCR tests both in Belgium and the transiting country, and then apply for HDC QR Code from the Chinese Embassy in Belgium and the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the transit country respectively. The Chinese Embassy in Belgium does not issue HDC QR Code for passengers who depart from Belgium and transit more than one time. Regardless of means of transport to the transit country, passengers shall not stay in other countries en route and the transit time shall not exceed 3 days. For example, if the departure time from Belgium is 1 July, then the latest flight date from the transit country to China shall be 4 July.

When applying for HDC QR Code from the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, please fill in “Belgium” as the origin country in the application system. For passengers going to the transit country by car or train, please fill in “car/train” in the “No. of flight departing from the origin country” column in the application system, together with the accurate departure time. After obtaining the HDC QR Code, please take a screenshot and save it so as to submit it for check when apply for HDC QR Code in the transit country. For details concerning the application of HDC QR Code in Belgium, please refer to the notice issued on 19 May by the Chinese Embassy in Belgium http://be.china-embassy.gov.cn/eng/zt/HDC/202205/t20220519_10689651.htm. Please refer to the information on the website of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the transit country for the requirements to apply for HDC QR Code there.

Ⅱ. To further stem the spread of COVID-19, the Chinese Embassy in Belgium will designate pre-travel testing agencies for China-bound passengers departing from Belgium. Please pay close attention to the information on the website and official Wechat account of the Embassy.

Ⅲ. Given the faster spread of Omicron variants in Belgium, the risk of infection of international travel and cross-border transit remains high. The Chinese Embassy in Belgium advises passengers to continue to follow the principle of no travel unless necessary and urgent.  For passengers who do need to go to China, please take proper personal prevention measures after the tests and en route to avoid the risk of infection.

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