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Ambassador Cao Zhongming Attends the Exclusive Dinner Held by the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce and Delivers a Keynote Speech
2022-06-16 22:50

On 16 June 2022, the Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Mr. Cao Zhongming attended the exclusive dinner held by the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) and delivered a keynote speech. Ambassador Cao met with board members of the FCCC before the dinner.

In his speech, Ambassador Cao noted that under the compound impact of COVID-19 and major geopolitical changes, most countries are dealing with a downward economic pressure. A moment like this calls for greater dynamism and contribution from the business community and makes it all the more important to heed the views of the business community. The impact of the recent increase of COVID cases on China’s economy is only short-term and external. The fundamentals sustaining China’s long-term, steady economic growth remain unchanged and the prevailing trend of transition and upgrading toward high-quality development remains unchanged. It is hoped that in areas where Belgium has strengths and China has demands, such as innovation, digital economy, healthcare, agriculture, food, chemical industry, green and low-carbon transition and sustainable development, members of the FCCC will continue to enhance cooperation with Chinese partners to further explore the Chinese and Belgian markets, jointly explore third markets, ensure stable global industrial and supply chains, and achieve mutual benefits. The Chinese Embassy in Belgium will continue to provide strong support to that end. Ambassador Cao also answered multiple questions that FCCC members are interested in, including China’s COVID policy and investment opportunities in China after the pandemic.

President Kurt Vandeputte of the FCCC underlined the Chamber’s commitment to cooperation with China, and encouraged the members to keep their resolve in doing business in China and further expand trade and investment with China under the current circumstances. The FCCC will stay in close communication with the Chinese Embassy in Belgium to provide more convenience for cooperation between Chinese and Belgian companies and work for even further development of bilateral relations.

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