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Notice on Reminding China-Bound Passengers to Take Proper Personal Prevention Measures and the Nucleic Acid and Serum IgM antibody Tests
2021-12-04 01:53

At present, the pandemic situation in Belgium is severe, and several cases of Omicron variant have been detected in Belgium. The infection rate among children has been rising. The Embassy of China in Belgium reminds everyone to adhere to the principle of ‘non-essential, no travel’ to avoid the risk of infection during cross-border travel. If it is really essential to travel to China, please take proper personal prevention measures before departure,complete nucleic acid and serum IgM antibody tests before boarding in accordance with current requirements, and apply for HDC QR code from the Embassy of China in Belgium. All passengers (including all children) traveling to China from or via Belgium could board the plane only after receiving HDC QR code. The relevant airline will conduct the inspections.

                                      The Embassy of China in Belgium

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