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Remarks by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium on Untrue Report Related to China by Some Belgian Media
2021-05-27 01:14

We have noticed that some Belgian media have unfoundedly reported and maliciously speculated that the cyber attack on the Belgian FPS Interior was related to China. China strongly condemns such baseless attack and smearing of China.

China is a staunch defender of cyber security and one of the main victims of cyber attacks. China has always resolutely opposed and cracked down on any form of cyber attacks and theft in accordance with the law. The Chinese government will not and has never supported any hacking activities. It is difficult to trace the source of a cyber attack, and it is very irresponsible to spread “presumption of guilt” remarks without any factual basis. Such report that deliberately hypes up untenable evidence to attract more audience will greatly mislead the Belgian people unaware of the truth. It violates media principles of reporting in an objective and truthful manner, and also runs counter to basic ethics.

Media bear the special social responsibility of providing objective and truthful information to the public. It is hoped that related Belgian media and experts will abandon misunderstanding and prejudice, act in a professional and responsible manner, and stop discrediting China.

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