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Remark by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium on Rumor Dispersion of the Cult Group "Falungong"
2021-01-21 17:33

The Embassy has learned from Belgian media reports that the "Falungong" cult group recently distributed brochures to the mailboxes of some Namur residents, disseminating malicious rumors that attack and discredit China, and encouraged local residents to participate in online petitions against the Communist Party of China. The Chinese Embassy in Belgium strongly condemns this.

"Falungong" is a cult organization that has been banned by the Chinese government in accordance with the law. The group uses fitness as a bait to lure people into joining, and then inculcates fallacies and heresies into the "practitioners" to exercise mental control over them. Some "Falungong" addicts became so possessed that they ended up committing suicide or mutilating themselves by self-immolation and other means. Some even hurt innocent people. The "Falungong" cult, like any other, poisons society, destroys family, offends humanity, and violates human rights. It is essentially anti-society, anti-science, and anti-humanity, and is hazardous to the whole world. "Falungong" has used all means to slander China outside of the country, attempting to undermine China's social stability and provoke discord between China and other countries. "Falungong" should be condemned by the international community. It is hoped Belgian people will see the true face of "Falungong" and reject cult.

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