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Remark by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium on Untrue News Reports about China by Some Belgian Media
2020-09-19 04:01

The Embassy of China in Belgium took note of recent news articles by some Belgian and European media which regard normal education, scientific, people-to-people exchanges, including think tanks exchanges between China and Belgium as security threats. These unfounded allegations again indicating involvement of Chinese overseas students, researchers and journalists in so-called “espionage” activities are made solely on the basis of flimsy “reports” fabricated by anti-China think tanks under the manipulation of some specific countries. They push the boundary of the concept of national security, represent nothing but a re-make of the “China Threat” theories, stigmatize China, and reflect some people’s paranoia and lack of self-confidence.

Countries need to have cordial relations built on the foundation of mutual respect and equality, rather than suspecting and groundlessly criticizing each other. As President Xi Jinping pointed out on September 14th during the China-Germany-EU Leaders’ meeting, China and the EU, despite differences in our systems, are not “systemic rivals”, as wittingly portrayed by some people. China and the EU should continue to let our relations be dominated by cooperation and development, thaw misunderstanding with dialogue, address sticking points through pursuing development, properly handle differences, and stay committed to peaceful coexistence, openness and cooperation, multilateralism, and dialogue and consultation. As we have repeatedly stated, China does not pose any threat to Belgium. Pragmatic cooperation between the two countries are conducted for mutual benefits and in full conformity with applicable laws and regulations. They are open and transparent, and have brought tangible benefits to our peoples.

Fairness in media coverage is a part of social justice. It is hoped that related media will reject ideological prejudices and biases against China, refrain from following the herd and repeating hearsay, and focus more on matters conducive to enhancing mutual understanding and respect between China and Belgium, as well as between China and the EU.

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