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Remark by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium on Xinjiang-Related Untrue News Report by La Libre
2020-08-23 18:10

The Embassy took note of and expresses strong indignation against the Xinjiang-related news report published by la libre on 22 August disseminating fake information about related companies “engaged in forced labor of Xinjiang Uyghurs”. The Embassy’s spokesperson has issued statements on similar defamatory reports on Xinjiang, and would like to reiterate the truth so as to set the record straight on the matter.

As we have stressed repeatedly, the ASPI, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, is in nature an entity sponsored by the US and intent on cooking up and sensationalizing all kinds of topics against China. On Xinjiang, it has fabricated a series of fake reports from so-called “reeducation camps” to “forced labor”, unfoundedly libeling China’s governance and policy in Xinjiang, and flagrantly interfering in China’s internal affairs. This Institute is nothing but a tool manipulated by some to launch vicious attacks against China, and its so-called “research papers” on China have no credibility whatsoever.

“Forced labor” is pure fiction. Chinese people of all ethnicity working across the country are all protected by law. They sign labor contracts with employers on an equal, voluntary and mutual consent basis, in accordance with China’s Labor Law and Labor Contract Law as well as provisions set out by other related legislation and administrative regulations. The contract specifies job duties, working conditions, work hours, remuneration, social security, leave and rest policy among other rights and interests, and establishes labor relationship between the employer and employee that is well protected by law.

The government of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, while fully respecting the will and needs of Xinjiang people of all ethnicity, actively adopts measures to promote employment and help those who want and need to work to secure job opportunities near their neighborhood, as well as in other parts of Xinjiang and Chinese provinces and cities paired up to assist Xinjiang. As a result, from 2018 and on, it is estimated that 151 thousand surplus labor from Southern Xinjiang have been lifted above the designated poverty line as they managed to earn annual salaries averaging out at above 45000 yuan per person, way higher that what they would have gained from household farming in their hometown. The “Uyghurs on Sale” report pieces together fabricated stories and purposively distorts as “forced labor” what really are just normal practices by poor Southern Xinjiang residents willingly seeking better-paid employment in other provinces and cities of the country. It uses human rights as a pretext that would deprive impoverished Xinjiang population the right to labor and employment and to more fulfilled lives. This is downright malice.

One cannot help but wonder whether those journalists and self-proclaimed “experts” bent on Xinjiang-related topics have ever travelled to Xinjiang in person? Do they really know the place that they so enthusiastically talk about? If not, then stop deceiving more readers with hearsay, as it is highly irresponsible.

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