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Remark by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium
2020-07-04 00:10

The Embassy took note of annual report by the security agency of Belgium recently identifying normal bilateral exchanges between China and Belgium including those in the education domain as possible risks posed to Belgium’s security without providing any evidence, and groundlessly insinuating Chinese espionage activities in such areas as intellectual properties, education, and technologies. The Embassy expresses indignation and firm opposition to these untrue remarks, which are but a new version of China threat theory, and will only serve to misinform the Belgian public, and tarnish the reputation and image of Chinese communities in Belgium.

China and Belgium are all-around partners of friendly cooperation. The two sides’ cooperation across all areas is based on mutual respect and win-win results. It brings benefits to both countries and people. China does not pose any threats to Belgium. It is hoped that the relevant agency will cast aside ideological prejudice against China, view China-Belgium pragmatic cooperation across all areas in a fair and objective light, and do more that is conducive to the development of China-Belgium bilateral relations.

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