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Remark by Spokesperson of the Embassy of China in Belgium
2020-06-20 00:24

Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs allowing no foreign interference. The Chinese side expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Hong Kong and to finger-pointing of Hong Kong affairs by countries going along with the joint statement.

Competence to maintain national security resides with the central government. It is the basic theory and principle of national sovereignty, and common practice of world countries that the central government bears the primary and ultimate responsibility for the national security of all sub-national administrative regions. When other countries’ central authorities have the power to introduce laws on national security, the Chinese Central Government also has every right to do so. Decision by the National People’s Congress, as the highest organ of state power in China, to introduce national security legislation in HKSAR in accordance with China’s Constitution and the Basic Law of Hong Kong, is a necessary step to fulfil its constitutional responsibility for safeguarding national security and thus its legality and legitimacy are beyond question. It is hoped that related parties will abide by international law and the basic norm of international relations, have an objective and fair-minded view of the national security legislation in Hong Kong, stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and interfering in China’s internal affairs. Double standards on this matter would be hypocrisy.

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