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Remark by Spokespersons of the Embassy of China in Belgium
2020-05-17 00:18

We took note of news reports by some French media including Le Monde and RFI published on May 15th, wrongly accusing China of conducting espionage activities in Belgium. The false claims lack any factual basis and are pure fabrications, exploiting an already hackneyed subject to clickbait, misinform and mislead the readers. The Embassy of China in Belgium has rebuffed and debunked such untrue coverage on many occasions.

However much repeated, one can not turn lies into facts. The Embassy would like to reiterate that accusations that China conduct espionage through diplomatic missions of other countries can not fall further from the truth. Reports that China is engaged in bio-espionage are created out of thin air. The EUobserver has already published a Write-of-reply by the Embassy of China in Belgium enunciating our positions. The Belgian Council for Alien Law Litigation has ruled in favor of the former Chinese Director of the VUB Confucius Institute, nullifying the Schengen entry ban imposed by the Belgian immigration authorities upon him from the date the sentence took effect. We are indignant about suspicions of Chinese diplomats, journalists and students residing overseas, which amount to nothing but malicious vilification.

China and Belgium have cultivated our bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefits since the commencement of our diplomatic ties near half a century ago. Pragmatic and win-win cooperation across all fields are carried out in full compliance with the law and regulations of both countries, in an open and transparent manner, and in line with the interests of both sides, bringing tangible benefits to the people. It is unfair and against the will of the Chinese and Belgian people to make groundless accusations of so-called Chinese spying activities in Belgium. It is hoped that the related journalists and media would discard tainted glasses and ideological stereotypes, and stop publishing irresponsible remarks derogating China-Belgium relations.

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