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Ambassador Cao Zhongming Holds Press Briefing on the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak
2020-02-11 16:35

On 5th February 2020, Ambassador Cao Zhongming hosted a press briefing on the novel coronavirus outbreak. He gave an update of the latest information and the efforts of the Chinese government to prevent and control the epidemic, and answered questions from the media. Over 20 Belgian and Chinese news agencies, international media and Chinese-language media in Belgium attended the press briefing.

Ambassador Cao Zhongming briefed the media on the latest situation and the prevention and control measures of the Chinese government. He said that China’s efforts have been fully recognized by the World Health Organization and the international community. Acting in an open, transparent and responsible manner, China has maintained sound communication and coordination with Belgium and other international partners. The Ambassador pointed out that the WHO disapprove of travel or trade ban against China. The most rational thing to do would be to follow WHO recommendations and work together with China to jointly fight the outbreak. He also expressed appreciation to Belgians from all walks of life who have offered their sympathies and support.

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