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Ambassador Cao Zhongming Attends 100 Day Celebration and Naming Ceremony for Baby Pandas at Pairi Daiza
2019-11-20 15:46

On 14th November 2019, the Embassy of China in Belgium and the Belgian park of Pairi Daiza jointly organized a ceremony celebrating 100 days since birth of a pair of twin baby pandas on 8th August 2019. On the occasion, the twin cubs made their debut before the Belgian public and their names were also announced as “Bao Di” (meaning “Tianbao’s little brother”) and “Bao Mei” (“Tianbao’s little sister”).

Ambassador Cao Zhongming, Federal Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Marie-Christine Marghem, Wallonia Minister for Tourism and Heritage Valerie De Bue, Minister of State Jaak Gabriels, Mayor of Brugelette Andre Desmarlieres, Deputy Director for Asia Pacific of the FPS Foreign Affairs Michele Deneffe, President of the park Eric Domb and cultural counsellor Xiang Shihai attended the event.

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