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Recruitment Advertising by the Chinese Embassy in Belgium
2019-09-19 20:18

The Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium is now recruiting employees, mainly engaged in the reception of the Consular Affairs Service Hall of the Consular Section. Those who meet the requirements are welcome to submit the application.

1. Requirements:

(1) College degree or above;

(2)The written and oral proficiency in Chinese and English, as well as the mastery of French or Dutch are preferred;

(3) Skilled usage of computer office software;

(4) Strong sense of service, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and cooperation;

(5) Having a legal residence identity in Belgium and legally working permit;

(6) No criminal record, no civil litigation conviction, no other factors that may affect normal work;

(7) There are no physical health problems that may affect normal work;

(8) Full-time work can be started immediately after being hired.

2. Application materials

(1) Personal resume (Chinese, English or French; telephone number; email address);

(2) A valid passport;

(3) A copy of the Schengen visa (more than 2 years) or Belgian residence Identity card for 2 years or more (non-Belgian);

(4)Certificate of academic qualifications (copy of graduation certificate, etc.);

(5) A recent colored standard photo.

Note: The above materials will not be returned. The resumes that collected by the Chinese Embassy are only used as recruiting references. The personal information of the interviewee is strictly kept confidential.

3. Registration method and deadline

(1) Method

1. E-mail: Please send your materials to consulate_bel@mfa.gov.cn with the subject line "Applicant + My Name";

2. Fax: Please send to 02-7792283;

3.Mailing: Please mail to Ave. de Tervuren 439, 1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre (the envelope is marked "Applicant").

(2) Deadline: October 5, 2019.

4. The Examination and Employment Procedure

(1)The Chinese Embassy would conduct a preliminary examination for the corresponding employer and notify those who meet the conditions to take the test (If the candidates cannot pass the preliminary examination, they will not be notified. The Embassy will not accept the inquiry). Those who pass the preliminary examination but do not take the test according to the notice time are deemed to have voluntarily given up.

(2)The whole examination is divided into written examination, computer examination and interview.

(3) Select the best candidates according to the results of the examinations. We would give the most competitive candidates a three-month probation period contract. Successful candidates can have long-term employment contracts, and the salary is negotiable.

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