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Ambassador Cao Zhongming Visits Plastic Film Manufacturer RKW and DEPA-Fruit
2019-08-14 15:04

        On 8th August 2019, Ambassador Cao Zhongming visited plastic film manufacturer RKW Hyplast NV in the province of Antwerp and DEPA-Fruit in the province of Limburg. Former director of the Flemish Land Agency (VLM) Mr. Roland Vancauwenberghe and counselor for science and technology Mme. Guo Xiaolin were also present.

        Ambassador Cao Zhongming, after listening to an overview of the company by Paul Leenders, CEO of RKW Hyplast, said that the Chinese Embassy in Belgium is ready to build bridges between companies and agencies from China and Belgium and facilitate their cooperation on modern agriculture and ecological agriculture for mutual benefits.

        The Ambassador also visited cherry packaging and sorting facilities at DEPA-Fruit, and went to the nursery field where saplings are grown.

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