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Li Keqiang Attends the Sixth Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum and Delivers a Keynote Speech
2014-10-13 21:22

 At noon on October 11 local time, Premier Li Keqiang attended the sixth Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum in Hamburg and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Establish a New Benchmark of Mutual Benefits and Win-win Results".

Li Keqiang noted that the economic development requires the growth rate to maintain at an appropriate speed, but relies more on its perseverance and stamina. Despite the downward pressure amid the complicated domestic and international environment, China has maintained a stable economic growth since the beginning of this year, with the urban employment seeing a better performance than the same period of last year, quality of development improving, ecological and environmental protection yielding positive results and the economy running in a reasonable range.

Li Keqiang pointed out that such performance of Chinese economy relies mainly on reform and innovation. Serving as a kind of stimulus for economic development, reform can help to rebuild the micro-foundation and optimize macro-environment. We have pushed forward the reform of marketization and striven to create an environment for fair competition in the market by greatly streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels and strengthening the regulation and supervision, vigorously stimulating market vigor and social creativity, encouraging a new boom of grassroots entrepreneurship and mass innovation and endeavoring to help each individual fulfill their own businesses and goals, so as to transform the demographic dividend into the talent dividend.

Li Keqiang stressed that China's economy, which has maintained a rapid development over the past 30-odd years, still boasts abundant power source and has the capability to maintain a medium-to-high speed growth and march towards a medium-to-high level in a certain period in the future. China's economy sees no possibility of so-called hard landing as someone worries about, and instead it will bring positive impact to the global economy and act as important driving force for world economic recovery, which conduces not only to the China-Europe cooperation in economy and trade, but also to the mutual benefits, win-win results and better prospects of the economies of both sides.

Li Keqiang noted that located at the two ends of the Eurasian continent, China and Europe are the largest emerging market and largest developed economy in the world respectively, both of which enjoy great civilizations. During his visit to Europe this March, President Xi Jinping advocated the establishment of partnerships between China and the EU featuring peace, growth, reform and civilization. China and the EU enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual learning of civilizations will make greater contributions to boosting the economic development in Asia and Europe and the world at large, promoting progress of human civilizations and maintaining world peace and stability. China is willing to join efforts with the EU to take hold of the development track of bilateral relations, so as to set a new benchmark for the mutual benefits and win-win results for the world. China supports the EU to play a greater role in international affairs and hopes the EU continue understanding and supporting China's choice of the development path conforming to its own national conditions.

Li Keqiang emphasized that as both China and the EU are standing at a critical stage of development, the two sides should work together in planning the "overall blueprint" of development in trade, pushing the investment onto the "fast track", opening up a "bathyal zone" in innovative cooperation and joining efforts to address global challenges. China stands ready to intensify people-to-people and cultural exchanges with the EU and push the bilateral relations for an in-depth development and solider foundation.

President Martin Schulz of European Parliament expressed in his speech that the EU and China share extensive common interests and are important cooperative partners.Further developing EU-China relations is one of the priorities of EU's foreign policy. The EU is willing to sign an investment agreement with China at an early date, and promote cooperation in various fields and jointly address challenges.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, representing German government, said in his speech that China has made significant contributions to dealing with global challenges and EU-China cooperation serves the interests of Germany, China as well as the rest of the world. The two nations issued the Action Outline for Germany-China Cooperation during Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Germany, which draws blueprint for the bilateral cooperation and will bring more facilitation to the cooperation between the business circles of both countries. Germany is ready to work together with China to earnestly implement it, push forward the Germany-China relations for greater development and build a fairer and more reasonable international political and economic order.

Established in 2004, the China-Europe Forum serves as an important dialogue platform for the economic cooperation between China and Europe. Over 600 guests, including political heavyweights such as Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg and representatives of business circles from China and European countries attended the Summit.

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