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To Discover Five Chinese Films in Flagey
2013-04-24 00:45

Avec immense succès à Paris ( 3ème édition cette année ), le Festival du Film chinois est introduit cette année à Bruxelles, la capitale de l'Europe. Cinq films de différent thème, sélectionnés parmi les 200 nouvelles productions de 2011 et 2012 en Chine, seront présentés au Centre Flagey. Parmi lesquels figurent les nouveaux films de Zhang Yang, Tsui Hark et autres élites du films chinois. Une délégation des cinéasts chinois sera présente pour honorer cet évenement. Un vrai régal cinématographique à ne pas rater!



20.05 — 20:00

FLAGEY — Studio 4

105’ — couleur — 2012—VO : Chinois, ST/OND : Fr— CHINA


avec : Wu Tianming, Xu Huanshan et Yan Bingyan

En présence du réalisateur ZHANG Yang et de l’actrice YAN Bingyan

In a nursing home, Old Ge and other residents lived a life of boredom and mundaneness, until one day, his friend, Old Zhou started to organize his fellow elderly to participate in a television contest, awakening the courage and positive spirit long-buried inside them. The team of senior citizens devoted great enthusiasm to the rehearsal of the show as own to the unknown destination. Again, they began to feel passionate towards life and finally saw their dream of presenting the show on stage become reality. However, little did they know that Old Zhou, who always seemed healthy and positive, was already at the very end of his life..


20.05 — 17:30

FLAGEY — Studio 5

115’ — couleur— 2011—VO : Chinois, ST/OND : FR — CHINA

XU Jinglei

avec : Xu Jinglei, Stanley Huang, Aarif Lee

Derek, a managing director of an investment bank, is a little bit anxious recently. The A corporation he serves for is now planning to merge B corporation. The problem is, however, his ex-girlfriend Amy works as a financial consultant in B.

Half a year ago, after falling in love with each other about seven years, a serious crisis broke out. Derek devoted himself into work too much. As a result, Amy couldn't bear this after being ignored for too long and did breaking up impulsively. She even jobhopped to another investment bank. "Being together for no more than 28 days in a year, 365 days. Even so, he is also working and calling."

When meeting again, they competes fiercely and both tries to defeat the other. They are persons who know the other one best, thus the most troublesome opponents to each. At the same time, they begin to open their hearts to each other again gradually. One night in Chengdu, China, they finally pour out their love and face it sincerely.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

20.05 — 19:30

FLAGEY — Studio 5

120’ — couleur — 2011—VO : Chinois, ST/OND : Fr — CHINA

Tsui Hark

avec : Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun

During the reign of Emperor Xianzong of the Ming Dynasty in ancient China, the imperial eunuchs took power of the Court and murdered many loyal officials who opposed their abuse of authority. A swordsman, Zhou Huai’an, killed the director of the East Bureau, Cao Shaoqin, in a rescue operation, which provoked an order wanting his life from the West Bureau. The army of the Bureau, led by its director in chief, Yu Huatian, chased after Zhou to the vast desert on the border, where, among the rare tornados that could happen only once every 60 years, a duel of life and death was about to take place between the good and the evil.


21.05 — 17:30

FLAGEY — Studio 5

111’ — couleur — 2012—VO : Chinois, ST/OND : Fr — CHINA

Pang Ho Cheung

avec : Yeung Chin-Wah, Shawn Yue, Yang Mi et Xu Zheng

Former lovers Jimmy and Cherie discover that getting over each other isn't as easy as they thought in this sequel to the romantic comedy Love in a Puff. Six months after their whirlwind romance, Jimmy and Cherie are ready to move on. For Jimmy, that means moving to Beijing for a new career opportunity. As Jimmy begins dating pretty flight attendant Shang You-you, Cherie arrives in Beijing to open a new business and catches the eye of Malaysian Chinese I.T. specialist Sam. But after communicating in a series of texts, Jimmy and Cherie reconnect. Despite feeling that the spark is still there, however, their differences are still as pronounced as ever. As their current significant others begin to sense that something isn't right, Jimmy and Cherie can't help but feeling like maybe they were too quick to call it quits, and that perhaps there's still hope for a future together.


21.05 — 19:30

FLAGEY — Studio 5

118’ — couleur /— 2012—VO : Chinois, ST/OND : Fr — CHINA

Wang Jing

avec : Yan Bingyan et Chen Gang

In 1990's Wuhan city, middle-aged shopkeeper LI Baoli finally moved in her new house which, instead of giving her the chance at a new life induced shocks and misfortune beyond her wildest dreams. LI Baoli denounced her husband's love affair to police which led to the destruction of his reputation, commiting suicide right after. Since that incident, LI's son began to despise his mother. In order to support the whole family and afford her son's tuition, the stubborn LI Baoli chose to work as a market porter. However, her hard work is never appreciated by her son, who still cannot shed his hate for her after ten years time.

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