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Belgian universities teaching Chinese language and 49 people received scholarships to study in China
2011-08-26 01:57

BEIJING, August 26, Brussels (reporter Shen Chen) population of only 10 million of the small European countries, Belgium, Chinese language teaching is quite good, several times in the 'Chinese Bridge' Chinese are winning awards. August 26 evening, education in Chinese Embassy in Belgium held a ceremony in Brussels, farewell 49 the Chinese government scholarship to go to China to learn about the Belgian students.

Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Liao Lijiang in the farewell meeting, said the high level of Chinese language teaching in colleges and universities in Belgium over the past 10 years, the Belgian students in China's 'Chinese Bridge' Chinese Proficiency Competition to get a Grand Prize, two one- prize, two second prize and third prize of two good results.

Liao Lijiang Ambassador said that this year is the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations more than. Four decades, in the two countries in political, economic, educational, cultural, scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in various areas of comprehensive development, and fruitful, far-reaching, the two People also enjoy the friendship and earnestly implement the results(http://www.f-paper.com/). than in the field of education is also very close exchanges and cooperation, China and Belgium, Flemish, French exchange and cooperation agreements are signed now, Belgium has three Confucius Institutes, carried out a lot of language and cultural activities, University of Leuven and Ghent University also established a China office.

Liaoli Jiang pointed out that the youth are the future, the morning sun at eight or nine, is the source of friendly exchanges between the two countries and hope to present, in Belgium, more than 2,300 Chinese students, there are about 300 students in Belgium China to study, they not only acquire knowledge in the other country, increase their abilities, but also brought their own country's culture and people's friendship, friendship between the two countries for promoting the messenger. (End)

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