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Turkey's Foreign Minister Babacan Meets with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi
2008-04-08 00:00

On April 7, 2008, Turkey's Foreign Minister Ali Babacan met with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is on a working visit to Turkey, in the capital of Ankara. Babacan emphasized that Turkey always views ties with China from a long-term and strategic perspective and is ready to expand cooperation with China on politics, economy and security.

Babacan congregated the successful relay of the Beijing Olympic torch in Istanbul and sincerely wished and believed that the Beijing Olympic Games will be a great success.

Wang said China has always attached importance to all-round cooperation with Turkey, hailing the strategic connotations and broad prospects of the relations between the two countries. Wang thanked for the support of the Turkish government and people for the Beijing Olympic Games. He emphasized that the Olympic torch is a symbol of the friendly feelings of the Chinese people and represents the Olympic spirit of unity and harmony. Any activities aimed at tarnishing the Olympic spirit are going against the will of the people, he added.

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