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"A World in Harmony and Passing on Love - Marching towards 2008"
2007-09-26 00:00

1. The objective of the Exhibition

Our objective is to discover the artistic talents, to foster the artistic development and to promote the friendship of the children over the world.

We are launching a series of activities under the theme of "A World in Harmony, Passing on Love – Marching towards 2008", in response to the appeal of Chairman Hu Jintao: "Hand in hand, we shall build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

2. Organizational structure

The approving authority: Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

The main organizers:

China Foundation for Human Rights Development

China International Exhibition Agency

Beijing Municipal UNESCO Clubs Association

Beijing Passing on Love Culture Development Center

The Secretary-General of the Committee:Yu Yan

The Executive Secretary-General of the Committee:Li Pinzhi

The Panel of Art Judges:

Chinese Artists Association

Chinese Calligraphers Association

Chinese Photographers Society

China Television Artists Association

Chinese Musicians Association

Chinese Dancers Association

and international renowned people of art circles.

3. The main themes of the Fourth Exhibition:

The main themes: "World in Harmony" "Passing on Love" "World Nationalities" "The Spirit of the Olympic Games"

4. The events of the Fourth Exhibition:

I. Art:

a. Drawing and painting: pencil drawing, oil painting, sketches, water colors, gouache, comic, animation, cartoon, crayon drawing, computer art etc. The size of the art work is 39cm by 54cm. Use B5, A4 or A3 papers for your computer printout.

Suggested source of ideas: posters of previous and current Beijing Olympic Games, cartoon characters, mascot, impression of the host city, portrait of Olympic champions, the journey of growing up or sport events.

Suggested themes: "I am looking forward to Beijing's Olympic Games" "The Relay of Olympic Torches" "My Impression of China"

b. Design: stamp, stamp chop, post card and student uniform etc. The size of the art work is 39cm by 54cm.

c. Calligraphy: no restriction as to the styles of script or the language used. Write your name, age, title in pencil on the back of your calligraphy. Attach label and translation to your work.

d. Photography: black-and-white photos and color photos. Send three to five photos to enter the contest. The size of the photo is about 7 inches .

e. Video shooting: Send DVD or CD disc. The duration of shooting must not exceed three minutes.

II. Handiwork: knitting, sculpture, carving, folk arts, paper cutting and so on. Do not send in your art object. Send three to five photos of that object at different angles instead. Collective work is encouraged. Photo size is about 7 inches.

III. Multi-talent performance: vocal music, instrumental music, dance, stage performance etc. Send DVD or CD disc of your performance. The duration of shooting must not exceed three minutes.

IV. Literary works:

a. Written work from the children and the junior groups:

Styles: prose, poem, essay, children's song or rhyme, mobile phone message (please look up the details on our website)

Suggested themes: "I look forward to Beijing's Olympic Games" "Harmony" "Passing on love"

b. Thesis from the art teacher:

We invite thesis on children art education (about 3000 words) from art teachers. Send in your thesis, your art work and your resume with two passport photos and one photo (about 6 inches) of working activity. The qualified thesis will be edited and compiled into a book and the qualified art work compiled into a pictorial book.

V. Special projects

a. Trademark or logo: for the International Children Art Exhibition or Passing on Love.

b. Mascot design: for Passing on Love.

c. The theme song of Passing on Love: Lyrics and music are invited for the theme song which aims at the audience of teachers and students.

If your work is adopted by our organizations, a reward will be offered.

5. Entry qualifications:

For Children:

The children participants are divided into different categories according to their ages:

The Young Children (age under 6) The Children Group A (age from 7 to 9)

The Children Group B (age from 10 to 12) The Junior Group A (age from 13 to 15)

The Junior Group B (age from 16 to 18)

No age limit on the art teachers.

6. Evaluation of the art work:

Initial Evaluation Second Evaluation Final Evaluation

After the Final Evaluation, the qualified participants will be invited to the on the spot Contest in Beijing.

7. Closing date for sending in your art work:

The closing date is December 21st 2007 .

8. The terms and conditions of entering the Fourth Exhibition:

1. Send in the art works through your teacher or school collectively. Individual participation is not entertained.

2. Each participant is allowed one art work for each event of the Exhibition, except photography and handiwork.

3. Send the art work flat and well protected with card boards to facilitate evaluation and exhibition. Art works should not be framed, mounted or rolled.

4. Participants must sign their real names. Using pseudonyms will invalidate your qualification for the prizes.

5. Art work sent in by the participants will not be returned. Keep a duplicate of your art work.

6. Participants of multi-talent performance shall send in the voice recording or video clip for the event of the Exhibition they entered. Use DVD, VCD or CD as storage media. Mark on the media the participant's name, the event of the Fourth Exhibition and limit the recording time from 5 to 8 minutes.

7. All participants of the Fourth Exhibition must attach two photos (2 inch size or Passport Photo).

8. We welcome participants to attach "A Touching Story behind the Work" to their art work.

9. The prizes and awards:

A. The children

Excellence Prize, Bronze Prize, Silver Prize, Gold Prize, Selection Prize and Ten Best Prizes.

1. Ten Best Little Painters 30 winners

2. Ten Best Little Handworkers 10 winners

3. Ten Best Little Calligraphers (the children, Junior Group) 30 winners

4. Ten Best Little Photographers 10 winners

5. Ten Best Little Litterateur 30 winners

6. Ten Best Multi-Talent Artists 30 winners

7. Ten Best Little English Professors 10 winners

B. The art educators

1. Ten World Best Children's Art Educators 10 winners

2. World Best Children Art Teachers First, Second, Third Prizes

C. The groups or organizations

1. "Best Group Award" for the group with outstanding performance.

2. "Best Organization Award for Developing the Child Artists" for the organization with outstanding contribution in developing the talents of the child artists.

D. Other benefits and honors

Participants who win the Bronze Prize or better will be short-listed into our database of the best child artists. The selected works will be posted on the websites of the International Children Art and Passing on Love. Some of the selected art works will be on display at home and abroad in the touring exhibitions held by "Passing on Love" to publicize the Beijing Olympic Games.

The children, the art educators and the groups or organizations will receive prizes, mementos, certificates of award, medals etc., and will be offered the opportunity to participate in the exhibition at home and abroad and in various activities of Passing on Love.

10. Publication of the art work

The selected art works of the participants and the teachers will be edited and compiled into a book called: "Passing on Love Marching towards 2008-The Fourth International Children's Art Exhibition: The Selected Works" which will include photos of the multi-talent performance.

11. The activities of the Fourth Exhibition

2007.07.09 Holding the press conference by the Special Foundation of Passing on Love (an organization set up by the Foundation of China Human Rights).

2007.07.13 Holding the press conference for "the Declaration of the Passing on Love and the World in Harmony" and the launching of the Fourth Exhibition.

2007.12.21-2008.01.05 Holding the summit forum of the Fourth Exhibition in Beijing.

2008.01.06-2008.04.30 Preparing for the Fourth Exhibition and the final contest.

2008.05.01-2008.05.07 Opening ceremony of the Fourth Exhibition, the televised final contest, live broadcast of the Ambassadors of Love and the performance of the winners from home and abroad and the awarding ceremony.

2008.06.01 Presenting Ceremony. Presenting 2008 selected art works of children both at home and abroad to the committee of the International Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic committee, China Museum for Women and Children etc.

Special Remarks:

1 The works of which the label is not in detail or is vague and the works that do not conform to the standard set by the committee will be disqualified. In order to be fair and just, the committee urges every participant and organizer to adopt a serious attitude and to ascertain the originality of the art works. The works of the students shall be signed by the teachers.

2 The art works or contributions will not be returned to the participant. The participants shall not use their works or contributions for other purposes than for this contest. Participants shall allow the committee to publish their works, but they merely retain their rights such as signing, publishing, revising and maintaining the integrity of the art works. The committee enjoys all the other rights without obligation to the participants. The committee has the rights of accountability, publication and lawful usage or disposal of the art works or contributions. The participant who sends in the works is deemed as admitting and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Fourth Exhibition. The final decision is at the discretion of the committee.

Add.:Suite 605, Block 1, Yard 66, Xiaguang Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

P.C. 100027

Linkmen:Ms. Li Haiping Mr. Liu Zhong Tel: 0086-10-84467675 84466817

Fax:0086-10-84467902 E-mail:passingonlove@163.com

Official website: www.axcd.cn www.ch-art.cn




The Organizing Committee of International Children's Art exhibition

August 20, 2007



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