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China-EU Symposium on Innovative Management of Technology Transfer
2007-04-27 00:00

Conference Announcement /First Call for Papers

China-EU Symposium on Innovative Management of Technology Transfer

26-28 September 2007, Beijing, China


Organized by

Association of the Management of Scientific and Technical Achievement of China (AMSTAC)

With the support of

Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST)

In collaboration with

National Office for Science and Technology Awards ( NOSTA)


Background and Objective of the Symposium

Science marketing and technology transfer is widely recognized as a major driver of economic development. Both China and EU are attaching importance to science marketing and technology transfer in order to promote innovation, economic development and social welfare in general.  In China, the development of technology innovation system is highlighted in the Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020). The system, featured by integration of enterprises, universities and academia, with enterprises as the main player, is a key approach to promotion of technology innovation and transfer. In Europe, there are many governmental agencies and specialized organizations involved in the work of facilitation of innovation, research results diffusion and technology transfer. The importance of innovation, science and new technology exploitation is also spotlighted in the Seventh Framework Programme (2007 to 20013).


On the occasion of the China-EU Science and Technology Year, NOSTA and AMSTAC will jointly organize the China-EU Symposium on Innovative Management of Technology Transfer on September 26-28 in Beijing, China. The objective of the symposium is to provide a platform for the delegates from both China and EU to explore new approach for managing a successful and more effective research marketing and technology transfer by exchange of good practice, new ideas and sharing of experience, etc..


The symposium has been registered as an official project of the China-EU Science and Technology Year.

Themes and Topics

Symposium Themes

Innovative Management of Science Research Results Exploitation and Technology Transfer


Symposium Topics

Any empirical and theoretical research papers related to innovative management of research marketing and technology transfer are welcomed. An illustrative list of topics includes, but is not limited to the following:

Development of Assessment System for Scientific Result and Technology Innovation

l        Structure of assessment system

l        Benchmark for science result and technology innovation assessment

l        Analytical and evaluation instruments


IPR Management of Scientific Results and Technology Innovation

l        IPR issues and solutions at the Universities, enterprises and research organizations

l        IPR policy research

l        Effective management of IPR


Scientific Result Marketing and Technology Transfer

l        Strategy and Route to the promotion of scientific results marketing and technology transfer

l        Innovative mechanism for the science marketing and technology transfer

l        Effectiveness of coordination of Industrialization chain and capital chain

l        Accreditation system for science marketing and technology transfer

l        Science marketing and technology transfer partnership

l        Typical case study: examples of successful science marketing and technology transfer


Innovative Management of Science Marketing and Technology Transfer

l        Policy environment and new modes, instruments for stimulating research commercialization and technology transfer

l        Technology transfer and innovation support policy

l        Capacity building of science marketing and technology transfer service offices

l        Innovative support services to marketing of science results and technology transfer

l        Theory and practice of innovative management of science results and technology transfer

l        Stimulating the technology innovation culture

l        Innovative support and service platform for accelerating science marketing and technology transfer

Target Group

The thematic topics of the symposium will appeal to all those who are involved in research marketing and technology transfer support and service in China and EU. The target participants of the symposium include:

- representatives of governmental agencies, universities, public research organizations, associations and networks , enterprises and companies

- innovation and technology consultants

- technology brokers, intermediaries and intellectual property advisor

- sectoral technical centers and associations

- technology transfer and innovation support specialists

- industrial consultancy and services

- science parks, incubators and industrial development zones

Official Language

Official language of the symposium will be Chinese and English. The simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Submission of Papers

Authors are invited to submit papers in English on above or related topics to the Organizing Committee (cgyjh@istic.ac.cn). All papers will be double-blind reviewed by the members of a Scientific Committee. Each paper should have a separate title page that includes title of the paper, author name(s), affiliation(s), full contact addresses including fax, phone and e-mail. The paper must include 5 to 8 key words that capture the contents of your paper. For multiple authors, please indicate clearly to whom correspondence should be made. The electronic mail submission of paper in Microsoft Word format is encouraged.


All authors will receive an e-mail acknowledgement regarding receipt of their papers and will be notified by the scientific committee of the results of the review process within 10 days. If your paper is accepted for presentation, you will be required to send electronically the final version of the paper within due date. You are expected to present the paper at the Symposium. In the case of multiple authorships, one of the authors is obligated to the paper presentation at the Symposium. Accepted final papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.


Important Dates


July 31, 2007                     : Abstracts and full papers submissions to cgyjh@istic.ac.cn

August 10, 2007                    : Notification of acceptance

August 31, 2007                    : Submission of final papers

Conference Committee:

The list of Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee will be completed and made available in due course.

Conference Registration Information


All participants and paper presenters are suggested to register for the conference and at least one author per paper should attend the conference.  Please get access to the AMSTAC official site to fill in the registration form.

Contact Information:

For further information, please contact Secretariat:

Feng Anming


Executive Office


Tel: +86 10 5150 1753       Fax: +86 10 5150 1763  

Email: cgyjh@istic.ac.cn, or fengam@istic.ac.cn,  fengam@hotmail.com

AMSTAC official site: http://www.amstac.org.cn

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