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Ambassador Cao Zhongming: Jointly Usher in a Brighter Future Guided by the Vision of a Global Community of Shared Future
2023-09-29 23:09

On 26 September, China released the white paper A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions. The white paper systemically outlines the core components of the thinking behind the vision and how it has been practiced, and aims to help the international community to gain a fuller understanding of the far-reaching significance of the vision and get to know the ideals underpinning China’s major-country diplomacy.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the vision of building a global community of shared future put forth by President Xi Jinping. Ten years ago, President Xi Jinping propounded the idea of building a global community of shared future, answering a question raised by the world, by history, and by the times: “Where is humanity headed?” His proposal lights the path forward as the world fumbles for solutions, and represents China’s contribution to global efforts to protect our shared home and create a better future of prosperity for all. To build a global community of shared future, all peoples, all countries, and all individuals our destinies being interconnected must stand together in adversity and through thick and thin, navigating towards greater harmony on this planet that we call home. We should endeavor to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity, turning people’s longing for a better life into reality. Over the past decade, personally advocated by President Xi Jinping, the vision has been translated into action, gained immense support and produced notable results. The vision has brought prosperity and stability and created tangible benefits for people’s wellbeing across the world.

Building a global community of shared future represents the right direction that is in line with the trend of the times and improves global governance. The vision transcends traditional theories of international relations. It calls for peace and development over conflicts and confrontation, common security over absolute security, mutual benefits over zero-sum game, exchanges and mutual-learning over clash of civilizations, and ecological conservation for our mother earth. The vision has created a new model for theories of international relations, and contributed China’s wisdom to improving global governance.

Building a global community of shared future is integral to peaceful development and win-win cooperation. Building a global community of shared future has been incorporated in China’s Constitution and the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. It has become one of the essential elements of Chinese modernization. In the course of building such a community, China’s development will be deeply interlinked with the common development of all countries, and its future deeply interlinked with that of humankind. With its new development, China will provide new opportunities to the world, and inject fresh impetus and make greater contribution to peace and development of humankind.

China is both an advocate and a doer in delivering the vision of building a global community of shared future. Over the past decade, China has contributed its strength to building a global community of shared future with firm conviction and solid actions. China has proposed and delivered on the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, pointing out the way forward for humanity from the perspectives of development, security and civilization. These initiatives have had the unequivocal support and warm response from over 100 countries. In health, climate change, cyber security and other areas where human society faces major challenges, China has put forward its proposals aiming at building a community of shared future, providing Chinese wisdom and input for properly addressing global challenges and improving global governance.

The world is now undergoing transformation unseen in a century. Geopolitical competition is intensifying, Cold War mentality is resurging, hegemonic, abusive and aggressive actions are causing greater harm, and non-traditional security challenges in the forms of terrorism, cyber attacks, trans-national crimes and biological security are on the rise. Humanity once again comes to a crucial crossroads. We must offer the right answer to the questions of what kind of world should be built and how to build it. The hope of the entire world lies in building a global community of shared future.

A bright future will not come by itself. It calls for the joint efforts of all. The vision of building a global community of shared future will not be accomplished overnight. It calls for unity among all countries and common action for common good in order to make our planet a beautiful home for all. China stands ready to enhance solidarity and cooperation with EU countries and other countries in the world, be committed to building a global community of shared future, play a bigger role in advancing human progress and the modernization process, and jointly usher in a brighter future for humankind.

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