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Enough with the Political Farce of the US “Stopover”
2023-08-21 18:01

This week, Lai Ching-te, the lead candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the 2024 local elections of China’s Taiwan region, had “stopovers” in the US. Under the pretext of “stopover”, Lai Ching-te sneaked a visit to the US to campaign for the election in the Taiwan region, and solicit US support for words and actions of “Taiwan independence”. When in the US, Lai Ching-te clamored about the fallacy of “Taiwan independence”. His claim to maintain “the cross-strait status quo” is in essence to create “one China, one Taiwan”, and seek external support for the separatist agenda.

Lai Ching-te has openly described himself as a “pragmatic worker for Taiwan independence”, attacking the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus and proposing egregiously wrong remarks such as “building up Taiwan’s deterrence”. He is an out-and-out “Taiwan independence” separatist. Driven by selfish gains, Lai has no scruples to betray the greater national interests and Taiwan compatriots, and peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. He is a troublemaker through and through.

There is but one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. “Taiwan independence” and cross-Strait peace and stability are as irreconcilable as fire and water. Insistence on the “Taiwan independence” separatist position will only bring disastrous consequences to Taiwan compatriots and tension and instability in the Taiwan Strait. The act by certain “Taiwan independence” separatists of flattering the US and betraying Taiwan and Taiwan compatriots will never succeed. “Taiwan independence” separatists will only find themselves disdained by all the members of the Chinese nation and condemned by history.

The Taiwan question is purely China’s domestic affair that brooks no external interference. The Taiwan question is the core of China’s core interests, the bedrock of the political foundation of China-US relations, and the first red line that must not be crossed in China-US relations. The US and the Taiwan authorities arranged for Lai to engage in political activities in the US in the name of having the “stopovers”. This seriously violates the one-China principle, and gravely undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The fact once again shows that the fundamental cause of the continued tensions in the Taiwan Strait is the Taiwan authorities’ attempt to solicit US support for “Taiwan independence” and that the US is bent on using Taiwan to contain China.

Resolutely upholding China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is the shared aspiration and firm resolve of the over 1.4 billion Chinese people. China is ready to pursue peaceful coexistence and common development with other countries in the world, but will never allow any country to sabotage China’s stability and development. The complete reunification of China is unstoppable. Any attempt to embolden “Taiwan independence” will end up in vain.

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