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Belgium and China Women's Federation Sponsors Needy Yunnan Students
2012-06-15 02:13

President of the Belgium and China Women's Federation Yang Ai'e presented € 8,500 (US$ 10,740) in funds to the ambassador to Belgium Liao Liqiang on June 13, 2012, for the purposes of sponsoring 170 disadvantaged students in Jinping County in south China's Yunnan Province.

Yang said that the Belgium and China Women's Federation has sponsored needy students from the county for nine years.

Former president of the organization Jiang Nanying also said that the association started to provide help for these students the year following its establishment. The number of students receiving the funds also increased from 60 to 170. Half of them are female students.

Ambassador Liao has said that although the overseas Chinese population in Belgium is small, they make consistent efforts to donate money to projects in mainland China and contribute to its development. The ambassador also thanked the Belgium and China Women's Federation on behalf of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Jinping County for the charity spirit the organization has shown.

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